Omm: The Future Of Skin Care Now

Through a synergy of Science and Kinesiology we formulated an unparalled skin care brand, blending pure, healthy ingredients from plants, earth and sea with aggressive peptides, stem cells, superfoods, gemstone crystals and pearl for youthful beautiful skin!

As a holistic Esthetician and skin care junkie, I had tried most every skin care line on the market. But in order to have all of the active ingredients I really wanted to use on my own skin daily (and recommend to clients) it would have required purchasing and using about 40-50 different products. It was out of my own frustration that a clear vision of a “perfect “all-in-one moisturizer was birthed. I felt absolutely compelled to create the exact product(s) I wanted to be using for my own skin, since what I wanted did not exist. I was told by a few labs initially that my comprehensive formula was “not possible” and would be “too expensive” to make, but I refused to give up. Intuitively I was led to Michael Warshaw, a brilliant master chemist who wasn’t afraid to “think outside the box.” After spending days in his lab, integrating my ideas with his science and with joint kinesiology testing of formula ingredients, Omm Skin Care was born.

Initial samples were next tested on every skin type, age and ethnicity. The results and feedback of this focus group was exciting, as even those with the most sensitive of skin types and allergies enjoyed excellent results. I truly believe Omm Skin Care offers you the absolute best products you will find on the market, and at a fraction of the cost considering the unparalled quantity and quality of the active ingredients presented.

This powerful trio simplifies your skin care routine and with regular use creates skin-loving happiness. Omm Skin Care for beautiful, touchable, radiant, smooth, hydrated, youthful, rejuvenated, glowing skin for every age and skin type.