What if I have sensitive skin/allergies?

We use only non-allergen forms of ingredients in our products. All of our products have been tested on people with sensitive skin and with allergies to ingredients like mushroom, soy and mango with zero negative reactions. In fact all of our testers used our products regularly with great success and positive results. If you are uncertain about possible sensitivity, always do an allergy patch test before use or consult with your health care professional. If sensitivity or reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately.

Purchase all 3 products and receive free shipping

Most orders are shipped within 2-3 days after an order is placed Monday through Friday. Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday are processed on the following Monday. Mail Holidays will cause an additional delay but all orders are processed and mailed as promptly as possible. If there should be any delay in shipment or if a product is temporarily out of stock we will notify you right away via email. If you order the complete Omm skin care line; Facial Cleanser, Complete Skin Nutrition and Exfoliating-Hydrating Peel we can offer free shipping. Please note that one item or more of your items are backordered, your in-stock item(s) will be held until your backordered item(s) become available. Your happiness is important to us, we will try to get your order to you as soon as possible.

Orders are shipped via USPS.

What If I notice some flushing after applying Complete Skin Nutrition?

If you have some flushing this is totally normal and will go away within a few minutes. We included a few ingredients to increase blood circulation in skin cells, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to the cells. This increased microcirculation amongst capillaries is critical for ensuring healthy skin and a beautiful “glow.” This flushing is actually a good sign, and means your skin was dehydrated and dulled and really needed the results of this increase in blood flow. It simply means the product is working!

What if I feel some tingling with the Peel?

In many cases you will feel a little tingling sensation once the peel is applied. This is good! This is normal! It simply means the peel is working! In fact we decided to add extra enzymes to the peel formulation so that you will feel it a little and so that you can be assured it is actually doing its job. If you don’t feel anything that is fine too. Be assured it is still working. We assure you, you will Love the amazing results!

What is your return policy?
At Omm, we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return new unopened items within 7 days of delivery for a full refund(less shipping). Please email us your intent with your order number before you do, so we can expect your return. You may return opened products within 14 days for a full refund, less shipping as long as less than 50% of the product has been used. Please email us for further instructions or with questions so that we may be able to assist you. 

If you need more information or have questions please email us so that we may be able to assist you.

Where are Omm products made?

Omm is women owned and operated business located in Los Angeles, CA. All of our products are crafted in small batches in the U.S.A.

What is the significance of the brand name and logo?

Our name Omm with an extra ‘m’ is our unique spelling for the mantra representing the ‘source’ of life, and the ‘sound the earth makes’. Our Logo also incorporates the sacred geometry mandala known as the “Flower of Life”.

Why is fragrance and preservative used?

Omm’s subtle fragrances are derived from natural essential oils of orange and from the essential oil of rose. The preservatives used are known as the safest available, they are plant based, and are approved by the Natural Products Association. Omm products are 100% vegan, free of harmful chemicals or animal by-products, formulated using certified natural ingredients whenever possible.

The All In One Concept

Omm products are designed to save you money. For example, Omm, Complete Skin Nutrition, for example, is for the eye, neck and face. You would need to purchase a separate eye cream, toner, several serums and several different moisturizers to receive all of the active ingredients, and power-packed peptides, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that our one product contains.